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Tyunging of AK 47-74


handguard + rail system for gas tube + and 6 picatinny rails
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The Automat Kalashnikov (AK) – the most widespread automatic weapon in the world. Today joint stock company – the weapon is not simple, it is a legend, the sacral idol, is time symbol, the active participant of victories and defeats, the interested witness of the contemporary history of mankind.

As well as any legend, the Kalashnikov has the history.

In 1942 the trophy sample of the German rifle SturmGewehr - 44 has fallen into hands of the Soviet military (Stg. 44) Shmaysser's developments.

In this rifle it was applied, the "intermediate" boss of caliber of 7,92х33 mm. It was larger than the pistol boss less machine-gun, but had very high fighting characteristics. On a lend-lease in our army the American carbines of M1 Carbine of caliber 7,62×33 the mm providing high shooting characteristics began to arrive. The task has been set for the Soviet armorers – to provide Armed forces of the USSR with the effective weapon of similar caliber.

In 1943 the intermediate boss by caliber 7,62×41 the mm has been created, but after completion the caliber has been changed on 7,62×39 to mm. The boss passed tests with a new carbine of SKS (I was issued prior to the beginning of the 50th years), developed under this caliber. This carbine had low fighting qualities and could not be basic model for Red Army.

Development of the new automatic machine went step by step. Competition of designers on which several developments of the weapon have been provided has been announced. In 1944 the AS-44 model of a design of A. I. Sudayev which has been issued by a limited series has been approved and I passed tests in armed forces. According to military, the automatic machine required completion, first of all – decrease in mass of the weapon.

Further work on upgrade of AS-44 has interrupted sudden death of Sudayev. New testing in which also Mikhail Timofeyevich Kalashnikov who already have a number of successful weapon developments – a manual machine gun, an autoloading carbine and two submachine guns uchuvstvovat have been carried out.

The commission has approved Kalashnikov, Bulkin and Dementiev's developments for testing. But, the sample of joint stock company created by Kalashnikov has not passed the 46th test on the military commission. It should be noted that the model of joint stock company 46 had a little general with the future of joint stock company 47 – the left arrangement of the platoon handle, separate safety locks and the translator of types of fire, the folding shock and trigger mechanism on a hairpin. Persistence and Mikhail Kalashnikov's persistence have forced the commission to change the decision, and it was offered to it to finish the development of the automatic machine.

Having returned on experimental plant in Kovrov, the Kalashnikov together with the designer A. Zaytsev has created absolutely new automatic machine. Elements of nodes from other developments provided on tender and from earlier existing samples have been used.

As a result, the design of the provided commission of a sample of joint stock company 47 had all best engineering developments of that time. The talent of the Kalashnikov was shown in ability to unite and integrate various decisions into one device which has purchased absolutely unique qualities and has opened new opportunities of familiar elements of a design.

Victorious procession of the Kalashnikov has so begun worldwide. In 1949 the first batches of the new automatic machine have arrived on arms in bodies of the USSR, and same year M. T. Kalashnikov has been handed the Stalin award of the first degree. From time to time changes were made to a design of the automatic machine and the shortcomings revealed during operation of the weapon improved.

In the 1970th years the Soviet army in response to transfer of small arms of NATO troops to low-pulse cartridges of the reduced caliber too upgraded the Kalashnikov (joint stock company 74, AKS 74) for use of cartridges of caliber 5,45×39 mm. After a while their production has been stopped, but they continue to be on arms and today.

Now the Izhmash plant makes a set of modifications of the Kalashnikov. Need of this variety is explained by specifics of the tasks which are carried out by its owners. For the successful solution of these tasks, as a rule, it is required uses with the weapon of the additional tactical equipment (sights, optics, lamps), and also improvements of characteristics of firing.

The modern industry has mastered release of the various accessories for tuning of the Kalashnikov allowing to improve its tactical technical capabilities, to provide an arrow additional opportunities in case of its operation, to create more comfortable conditions of carrying and storage.

The RedHeat company develops and makes a wide line of accessories for tuning of all modifications of the Kalashnikov, considering a long experience of its use, the note and a wish of owners of the weapon, new tendencies in the market of the weapon. Purchasing accessories for tuning of the Kalashnikov in shop of the RedHeat company, you provide yourself with a guarantee of the producer, reliable service and support of specialists.