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DTK Vepr (Code: RS11XMB12Y)

5 400 rub.

    • Decrease in return and side withdrawal
    • Decrease in a podbros of a trunk after a shot
    • Reduction of dulny flash in case of a shot


    • High-strength aluminum alloy of D16T
    • Protective electroplated coating
    • Original design
    • More effective rkaktivny cameras
    • New technology of distribution of gases
    • The steel plug with the strengthened threaded connection


    Under the right carving of M22x0,75, caliber 12. The Snipe and the Wild boar of VPO-205-02 is held for use with smooth-bore guns of Vepr and Sayga family,


  • Information on DTK Vepr
    Our company represents new model – a dulny brake compensator of DTK the Vepr and suggests all fans of the weapon to estimate its benefits. Numerous tests on the ground carried out by professional shooters have shown its efficiency. In model new technologies as in handling, and a design are applied. Side openings are located under a certain corner dissecting gases reduce energy of return, the right openings compensate withdrawal of a trunk, left distribute a flow for increase of maximum efficiency. The arrangement of cameras and slanting partitions of DTK the Vepr promotes that powder gases when firing go not to the shooter, and in the parties from the line of a shot, compensate подброс a trunk. Thanks to a high-strength aviation aluminum alloy of D16T the DTK compensator the Vepr has small weight and has better handling of surfaces. Separately It should be noted high-quality opaque electroplated coating which possesses the improved anticorrosive properties, more increased resistance to depreciation and external impact. DTK the Vepr is expected use with smooth-bore guns of the 12th caliber "Vepr" and "Saiga". For installation it is necessary to wind a lock-nut on a trunk carving, then to wind DTK against the stop and to fix it by means of a lock-nut. In case of the DTK installation on a trunk with a female thread the special adapter is necessary, you watch that the adapter in case of installation did not block side openings, it is easily regulated by a lock-nut. It is possible to purchase DTK the Vepr without markup and directly from the producer on our website.

Weight: 0.272 Kg
D/S/W: 126/49/36
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