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DTK ILYINA GK-02 OF V.2 (Code: RH11XMB15Y)

4 400 rub.
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    • Decrease in return
    • Reduction of withdrawal of the weapon from the aim line


    • Modifed design of GK-02
    • Original version of the inventor
    • High-strength aluminum alloy of D16T
    • Protective electroplated coating (including on a steel lock-nut)
    • More effective jet camera in comparison with the GK-01 model. With respect thereto return decreases
    • Fixture of the plug strenuously special heat-resistant sealant


    Vepr, Saiga
    Guns: Snipe, Wild boar of VPO-205-02


  • Information on DTK "Ilyina — 2"

    The Dulny brake compensator of Ilyin of GK-02 is a new version of legendary DTK of Ilyin of group of companies 01. A number of enhancements of new model have raised precision and high-speed indicators of firing, having reduced force of return and side withdrawal of the weapon.

    Ilyin's DTK GK-02 has more irregular shape of cuts of the jet camera, the increased inclination of partitions of forward part and the improved surface treatment. These changes, according to most of experts, have assigned to DTK GK-02 reputation of the best DTK in the class.

    Jet cameras are located in DTK GK-02 at an angle calculated for the maximum decrease in energy of return. Partitions of active cameras also promote stability of the weapon – to "zavalivaniye" sideways and to decrease in force of return. At the expense of a design of cameras and a corner of their arrangement in the DTK case, powder gases in case of a shot go not towards the shooter, and go to the parties.

    Ilyin's DTK is executed from a high-strength aviation aluminum alloy of D16T that has allowed to reduce its weight without loss of durability.

    Ilyin's DTK GK-02 is held for use with smooth-bore guns of the 12th caliber of Vepr and Sayga families. Installation of the compensator of Ilyin does not require special skills. It is wound on an external carving of a trunk of the weapon and fixed by a lock-nut. The DTK installation on a trunk with a female thread requires a special adapter.

    Modernized by Vsevolod Ilyin DTK GK-02 it is made by our company on licensed technology. Ordering DTK on our website, you purchase it at minimum price. It is profitable and reliable to purchase Ilyin's DTK GK-02 from the producer.

    Tuning of the weapon – our profession. Accessories for the weapon – our pride.

Weight: 0.233 Kg
D/S/W: 133/40/35