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CITADEL 47 High efficiency muzzle brake (Code: RS11XMB11Y)

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    • Reduces recoil
    • Decreases muzzle rise and muzzle flip
    • Reduces muzzle blast
    • Increases serial fire accuracy


    • Durable steel 4140
    • Plating coating
    • Able to cut defense wiring with a shot
    • High efficiency
    • Compact size


    AK 47/ other modifications of AK with left-handed thread M14x1


  • DTK the Citadel 47 absolutely new product in our line meeting the requirements of professional shooters. Excellent milling and turning, high-quality protective electroplated coating of black color. The carried-out tests show efficiency in various conditions. Clearing of return happens thanks to three active cameras, the additional opening from the right cleans withdrawal, four openings from above considerably extinguish подброс a trunk. In a product there is a special Crown device for firefight of wire entanglements or a beating of glasses. For this design we is greatest possible have reduced the size and weight.
Weight: 0.083 Kg
D/S/W: 67/22/22