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Handguard and rail system for gas tube (without picatinny rails) (Code: )

basis for modernization of your weapon
6 800 rub.
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  • Fastening of additional accessories.
  • Way of fastening: Replaces standard
  • The improved cooling of a trunk of weapon


  • High-strength aluminum D16T alloy
  • Wearproof sheeting.
  • Color - black


Carbines cut: Saiga 7,62х39, Saiga.223, Saiga 5,45х39, Saiga 02 7,62x39, Saiga 02.223, Saiga 02 5,45x39, Saiga 04 7,62x39, Saiga 04.223, Saiga 04 5,45x39, Saiga of M3 7,62х39, Saiga of M3.223, Saiga of M3 5,45х39, Saiga of M3 EHR-01.223, Saiga of M3 EHR-01 7,62х39, Saiga of M3 EHR-01 5,45х39, Saiga of MK 107, Saiga of M3 EHR-01 7,62х39, Saiga of M3 EHR-01.223, Saiga of MK 7,62x39, Saiga of MK.223, Saiga of MK 5,45x39, Saiga of MK.308, Saiga MK-01 7,62х39, Saiga MK-01.223, Saiga MK-01 5,45х39, Saiga MK-01.308, Saiga MK-02 7,62х39, Saiga MK-02.223, Saiga MK-02 5,45х39, Saiga MK-02.308, Saiga MK-03 7,62х39, Saiga of MK-03.
Carbines under a cartridge of 9 mm: Saiga 9, IZH 9h19 Hero Submachine gun, PP-19-01 isp.02 Hero Vepr of MA 9 of mm of Luger, Vepr of MA 9 of mm Luger-01, Vepr-K VPO-133, Vepr KM. Air rifles of JUNCKER, RECRUIT.
Airsoft copies of a military weapon.


Weight: 0.235 Kg
D/S/W: 165/35/64