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Ready sets of a resistant weapon covering DuraCoat

About a product – the Covering of DuraCoat was developed in the USA in 2001 especially for coloring of weapon for the purpose of protection against the external environment (mechanical and chemical impact) and giving of a certain color or a protective camouflage pattern. The result of a covering through DuraCoat, exceeds an original factory covering. DuraCoat is widely used in army of the USA and our special forces.

The ready sets "All inclusive" of a resistant weapon covering DuraCoat - In this section are provided ready sets of four main types: camouflage, standard, tactical and ultroyarky. DuraCoat represent a universal covering. This strong, steady against mechanical damages and chemical impacts structure. Paints of this brand have high adhesion with various materials (metal, various alloys, a tree, plastic) and at least 100 years, because of the guaranteed term of stability of a polymeric basis of a covering serve. Now, if necessary and desire to paint weapon with DuraCoat covering, you receive complete protection against corrosion and external impacts, high resistance in case of mechanical impacts, a beautiful type of weapon. To use DuraCoat brand products the owner of weapon doesn't need to have special skills and to create special conditions for work with material. All necessary is already included in ready set.