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Weapon NANOPROTECH oil (Code: )

415 rub.
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the Unique means in the world which for 100% stops corrosion process gets, greases and protects for a long time! It is recommended for preservation. The strong nanocovering will reliably protect metal details, mechanisms and trunks of weapon.


  • The nanoparticles which are a part:
    1. Deeply get into structure of the processed surface
    2. Effectively force out a deposit
    3. Promote clarification from an oxide and corrosion
    4. Being fixed, level the surface of metal at the microlevel, like repair and recovery structures
    5. Create the layer for a long time reducing friction and depreciation
  • The covering protects from freezing to-80
  • Harmlessly to metals, rubber, paint and varnish and wooden surfaces

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Sizes and weight:

Weight: 0.21 Kg
D/S/W: 50/50/150